Extreme Graphix has been around for nearly 20 years, being one of the oldest and most reputable tattoo and body piercing studios in Upstate New York. We have been here for the growth and evolution of the industry, from back in the day where only bikes and sailors got tattoos….too now where our clienteles ranges from business professionals, doctors, lawyers, teachers, law enforcement, judges, secretaries and everyone else in between. Dare to look at the person next to you and then ask “do you have a tattoo ?.” Chances are they either do or are looking at the possibility of getting one.

And in this conversation we are the one studio that will come up.

At one point in time there were nine (9) locations, from Brockport to Syracuse , New York, where millions of tattoos have been done. In 2002, after years of being overwhelmed by the business aspect, John Sniper Brown decided to sell off some of his locations, and get back to what he loved …The art of tattooing…..reworking, retooling and revamping a legend….Two years ago we moved to our new location, a larger more spacious building, with more windows, and better parking…..

Sniper Inc. also known as Extreme Graphix continues to grow. We are not only the largest tattoo studio, but have the largest local selection of body jewelry, and designs to choose from. We supply many local shops with what it takes to operate. We are the only supplier of tattoo equiptment in upstate New York.

Not only are we one of the oldest studios, we have been in the same neighborhood for the same length of time. We have become a beacon in the Maplewood community, an anchor business that sets a standard, one that will always be here. If you are looking for a tattoo, piercing, jewelry, or supplies we are the only place to go…

John Sniper has tattooed generations, and will touch generations to come.