General Piercing Care

Healing Time

Tongue Piercing.

Tongue Piercing Aftercare

I want to get my tongue pierced, but I wanted to know if when I have it done they could put a clear “retainer” in it instead of a noticeable metal barbell?

I just got my nose pierced today and its sore and a bit red around the piercing, is this normal? And also I use a facial cleanser every night and morning will this affect the piercing?

What are some main important things I MUST do to keep my Industrial piercing clean and away from infection??

If I were to get my conch pierced, what would I have to do to take care of it?

Can you be 15 years old and get your tongue pierced with your parent’s consent and them supervising. How much does it cost? Would there be problems getting two separate piercings at the same time?


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Laser Tattoo Removal

What are some examples of tattoo’s that can be removed?

What are some Side effects of laser tattoo removal?

I got my tattoo removed. Now what? (After Care)

What do you use to remove a tattoo?

How exactly does the laser break up the tattoo ink?

How does the body remove the shattered ink?

Why do I need multiple sessions?

What is the cost of every session??

How many sessions will I need to remove my tattoo?

Age, Color, Density. Does that all matter?

Do “tattoo removal creams” help?

Will the laser procedure scar my skin?

Does the procedure hurt?

What side effects might I experience?

Extreme Graphix Policies

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